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Do you have a story about the Katzie Slough? Did you hang out there as a kid? Paddle it with a canoe or kayak? Fish? Bird-watch?

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  1. I got an opportunity to canoe a small part of the slough and the blind channel down by Airport Road. So peaceful but the water quality is really poor. I caught and released one coho and one chinook juvenile salmon.

  2. Some of my best memories are saved forever in my mind as I think back to hanging out at and IN the Slough. And I’m glad that I was the type of kid who would get my hands in the mud and pick frogs up and not be scared or grossed out. I loved it. I remember walking down to my friends’ house and then we’d grab our buckets and spend hours at the slough listening, watching, and catching frogs or whatever else we could get our hands on. We only caught little frogs but they were so cool to look at. And we would always let them go after we hung out with them for a while.

    I remember one time we caught a snake and brought it home. We kept it in an ice cream bucket with a lid on with holes in the top so he could breathe. We kept it in my carport all night and in the morning we opened the bucket and there were a whole bunch of baby snakes! We couldn’t figure out what happened, but we ended up taking them back down to the slough that day and letting the babies go in the tall, brown grass.

    I also remember hearing some high-pitched noises coming from the slough one day. Someone told us that was the sound of a Bull-Frog and that there were some HUGE frogs down there and we should go check it out. We could never catch one but we did see them a few times. I remember sneaking up on the them before they jumped off the bank into the water and seeing these amazing massive frogs. I hope they still live there!

    The Katzie Slough provided me with hours of entertainment in the days before ipads, cell phones and internet. It was such a healthy place to be, to learn and to get dirty all day long. I have such vivid memories of being there. I can still remember the way the little frogs felt as I picked them up by their little sides and how they’d jump out of my hand back into the water. I hope other kids get to have the experiences that I had down at the slough. It was a big part of my childhood and of who I am today! 🙂

    • I know what you mean. I grew up near Mundy Park in Coquitlam. I spent a lot of time alone and quiet and totally absorbed with looking at pond life (astonishing tadpoles!) and cedar tree stumps (mothers of new trees and hosts of huckleberry bushes) and layers of maple-tree leaf mould (salamanders!).

  3. I remember as a kid going to the various different parts of the slough to catch frogs and fish. Growing up in Wildwood Cresent I was fortunate to have the slough basically run through my back yard. We would spend hours out in Joyners field on the banks of the Katzie. I remember building rafts with a childhood friend and we would ” ride the slough” as far as we could…..being 7 years old it seemed like we paddled for hours through the mucky water. Seeing all the different kinds of water life and wild life in the slough and surrounding fields was amazing. It saddens me now when I travel through south Bonson and see the land barely resemble what it was when I grew up there. My parents moved me to Pitt Meadows in 1977 when I was 4 years old. Now at 41 alot has changed.

  4. “I just read with interest your story about the Katzie Slough. I would love to see it restored to the way it was when I was a kid back in the `50`s. When the slough was constructed my great grandmother back around 1907 or so was the cook on the dredging barge that dug out the channel in order to help drain the land for farming. It`s beyond sad to see how the side streams have filled in and the main channel has become a narrow imitation of the much wider waterway that it once was.”

    Robert Rock

  5. Great project, Scott. Really enjoyed our canoe trip last week on the Slough. I felt like Alexander MacKenzie.It was a re-exploration on water probably not paddled for 30-40 years, and I loved it. Jack

  6. You bet Jack, it sure was interesting to see the slough by canoe. I have never canoed the slough before but fished it lots many years ago.It was sure nice to paddle the same place that gave me the comfort that I desperately needed as a child.

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