Slough Video


This is a video about the Katzie Slough Restoration Project.

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  1. Back in the late 60’s early 70’s I and many friends use to fish this slough and catch fish with fishing line on a stick, we also use to catch kray fish under the concrete train bridge, standing on the concrete ledge using a worm on a hook, you could see in the shallow clear water the kray fish come out from under the concrete ledge and take the bait. I remember one time I had 60 pound test tied to a tree root 1 block south of the train bridge and with out any time my line went tight and snapped, for weeks I talked and wondered if I could of only seen what that fish was lol. Good for you guys for bringing back my fishing hole, a lot of time spent there growing up.

    • heh – the one that got away. Sure, sure. 🙂

      This reminds me of all the crazy fishing techniques I tried out as a kid (in Coquitlam rather than Pitt Meadows). I still believe you catch the biggest carp using bait that consists of balls of frozen corn and squished-up Wonder Bread.

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