Current State of the Slough


DSC00642There are three pumps that control the water in the Katzie Slough. The Kennedy pumping station is located where the slough meets the Pitt River; the Baynes pumping station is located where the slough meets the Fraser River and the McKechnie station at the Alouette River. These pumps grind up any fish that travel through them.

As recently as the 1970s water was still flowing through the southern reaches of the slough. Now it is merely a muddy ditch, choked with silt and invasive plants, only flowing during heavy rains.

The lower Fraser River is a nursery for juvenile salmon. This Slough, similar to other small waterways in the lower Fraser provide vital rearing habitat for out migrating salmon. Poor water quality, insufficient water flow and a lack of vegetation along the waterway are some contributing factors to making the Slough poor fish habitat. Habitat damage like that found in the Katzie Slough has been a contributing factor to the population decline among Coho salmon. Their numbers have decreased more dramatically from historical levels than any other salmon variety.