About Scott Magri


UZ3B0034-scott-8x10_compactThe Katzie Slough was a sanctuary for Scott Magri when he was a kid. Bullied and lonely, he spent time fishing in the Katzie slough, catching coho salmon and cut-throat trout, taking comfort from the water, the fish and the eagles.

Thirty years later he wants to give something back to the slough that gave him so much. He wants to help it come back to life.

There’s a parallel between Scott and the slough. Scott has been a fighter, an enforcer, an addict, and an outcast (as described in his autobiography Lessons: Crime, Games & Pain). But he made it through, and he believes the Katzie Slough can do the same. The slough just needs some friends and champions.

Scott is passionate about restoring Katzie Slough. He is determined and does not take “no” for an answer. With honesty and integrity he has brought together many people and groups concerned about the health of their local watershed in an effort to return the slough to its former glory – a healthy, diverse ecosystem that benefits animals and humans alike.